Michael Bernstein wrote:

>Brett C wrote:
>  But I'd also like some direct
>work of mouth info on ski areas that suit families and are moderately
>Any info would be much appreciated.
>Matt Duffy is probably the expert on this issue, but it sounds like you're
>looking for a place like Smuggler's Notch.

     Expert? Nah, but I have spent a lot of time there. Yeah, of all the
places I've been to, it is BY FAR the best place to bring your family for a
ski vacation. What Mike said about the terrain is absolutely true. There is
a wide variety for everybody.

    The slopeside village is totally self-contained. There is slopeside
lodging, a grocery store & deli, pool & hot tub(can get crowded), at least 2
decent restaurants, a bar, a pizza place, a cafeteria-style-semi-fast food
thing, an arcade, EXCELLENT daycare, and a lighted skating rink. There are
more activities & programs than you can shake a stick (or two) at. Then
there's the indoor "Fun Zone" with volleyball, basketball, miniature golf
and some other stuff for the little ones. There's a teen center with too
many things to list too. I'd highly recommend checking out

    if your thinking about a family ski vacation in Vermont. One thing I've
obseerved is that Smuggs tends to be REALLY crowded during the holidays and
on certain weekends. If you can make your stay at least parially during the
week, your experienc will certainly be enhanced.


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