DD writes:

>Gee, I wouldn't want to encourage anyone to take drugs, but after reading
>the interview with "the man" Adam Sherman-...
>I think you'd _have_ to be on drugs (like Adam) to give them your credit
>card # on the website!

    On drugs indeed! They do not even accept credit cards! Do _YOU_ want my
credit card #?

    Payment is as follows: You send them a deposit (a check for the fraction
of the total cost), and pay the rest upon delivery.

>(The guy basically admits that his inspiration to start the company was
>induced by hallucinogens,

    Seeing as how you don't believe anything else he says, _WHY IN THE
WORLD_ do you believe that?

and that his crummy undamped ski designs

Crummy skis? And you are basing this opinion on... Your extensive experience
with them?

>a habit of wrecking knee ligaments. "Wild ride" indeed!)

  He said that 2 skiers sustained injuries on these skis in 5 years. How
many skiers have been injured on other skis?

   As with anything new, there will always be doubters. When I get mine,
I'll let you know what these skis are REALLY like.


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