I see no one has "jumped in" on this one yet. Maybe Mark was right in
that there may be a collective fear of teetering over the edge of that
"label" factor, but what the heck...

>         OK, I hesitate to bring this up 'cuz some might get offended and
>label it
>as a "Testofest" ... um,
>but .... to hell with them, let's have some fun!!

    Agreed! Pardon me while I "drop in" with my two cents...

  What's the steepest any
>of you folks have skied?

  I'd say the steepest "in bounds" trail I've done is Skull Bite at Berthoud
Pass. I remember talking with a patroller after getting off the lift out
there. I asked him a few things, then he looked me over and gave me quick
"interview", after which he made a few suggestions. He said Skull Bite is a
lot of fun, with the upper section being about 55 degrees. I didn't take any
measurements, but I still am taking his word for it. I traversed over to it
and looked DOWN. The first three or four hundred feet looked completely
vertical. It was plenty wide, but a fall wouldn't have been pretty. Judging
by all the big rocks lining the side of it, it was worthy of it's name.

  Of course, the snow in Colorado certainly boosts the ego, which leads me
to the point that although it was the steepest, it was not the most
difficult run I've seen. Still... wow, that was steep!


  Me?, I don't have to scare myself-

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