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>   On drugs indeed! They do not even accept credit cards! Do _YOU_ want my
>credit card #?

Sure- is that an offer? :-)

>>(The guy basically admits that his inspiration to start the company was
>>induced by hallucinogens,
>    Seeing as how you don't believe anything else he says, _WHY IN THE
>WORLD_ do you believe that?

The problem is, I _do_ believe everything, at least most of what he says,
including the fact that he's an expert at breaking skis, that he lives in
a box at the factory etc.  After awhile a certain picture emerges...

>and that his crummy undamped ski designs
>Crummy skis? And you are basing this opinion on... Your extensive experience
>with them?

I was basing it on the fact that they've nicknamed them something like
"knee-breakers" or something like that.  Looking at the design details on
their website it's pretty apparent that they're going to be pretty "lively"
skis compared to most newer designs.  That can translate into a lot of fun,
if it's otherwise decently designed, but bragging about how it takes big
huevos to even get on them, that they're  a "wild ride" doesn't impress me

>  He said that 2 skiers sustained injuries on these skis in 5 years. How
>many skiers have been injured on other skis?

Lots. He gave no details- just attributed it to his ski design, not exactly
a genius business move (Can you say "Product liability" boys & girls? Mm-hmm,

And I really _would_ like to demo them- no doubt!  I'd like to demo the
Frontrunner too, although I doubt they'd be as much fun as the Igneous. But
I've always said I thought the Igneous design is pretty retro slam-lam-
sandwich with a new-wave sidecut selling on graphics.  I'd love to be
proved wrong. (...could be wrong, often am...)

>When I get mine, I'll let you know what these skis are REALLY like.

I'm looking forward to it!


_____________ ________ __
__ /________ ________ ___
__(    Tele till you drop
___\ ________ ________ __
____) ______ __________ _
___/ ______ ___________ _
__(  o ____ __________ __
__ \(|\.____ _______ ____
___`\>/______ ____ ______
____ \` ______ __ _______
______`________ _ _______
_______________ __ ______

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