I drooled over the pictures of App. Gap and Killington.  We had snow in
MASH too.

Snow in WV too

Damn, I should have been there.  I attended a scout ceremony instead on
Sun., which is a worthy cause too.  On Sat. I put a 3 gal. bladder of water
and some other stuff in my ski pack and hiked up & down White Oak Canyon in
Shenandoah National Park ~ 3 miles, 2500 ft. one way.  It felt great.  Last
weekend, on the first of these fall training hikes on a much easier route,
I felt hammered at the end of the trail - that kind of bone weariness that
hiking with a pack can bring, combined with the feeling that somebody had
been pounding the soles of my feet with a sledge hammer.  It all hit in the
last mile coming down.  This week's result was encouraging.  Bring on the

Denis Bogan

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