The only reason why there were fewer  female ripers in "The Realm was due to
Kristen Ulmer & Alison Gannet had season ending injuries along with Dave
Swanwick,  Jason Prigge, & Kent Kreitler

>Wesley Alan Wright wrote:

>Not I said bro's, guys, and tribesmen. Only chick on sticks I saw >was
>Julie Zell, and she was on one fat stick, not two.
>Roger that, E noticed that trend big time.

>She was a bit miffed, and I said well, they have to draw from the >talent
>pool they have I guess?  I dunno.  Last year though they at >least had
>(Allison Gannet was it?) as one of the stars, and she was >even at the show
>and gave me her autograph ;)  I told E, get out >there and spin some of
>those 1440s and they'd put her in the movie, >she probably wouldn't even
>have to spin around that many degrees >and they'd film it.

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