Do _YOU_ want my
> >credit card #?
>Sure- is that an offer? :-)

   LOL! I guess it's hard sometimes to know the tone of a writer without
knowing the tone of his voice. I think maybe I owe you an apology for that-
I think I interpereted your first one differently from it's actual tone. I
agree he didn't exactly say all the smartest things in that interview. I
think he's targeting a particular market who would get a kick out of that
sorta thing, but again, not the wisest move in my opinion.
>And I really _would_ like to demo them- no doubt!

   I'm anxious to get on them too. You've instilled a bit of doubt in my
mind about them now. Although I don't really plan to race or ski really fast
with them on groomers either. What I had in mind was more off-piste usage,
and I'm optimistic that the lack of 'dampness' won't be an issue here (do
remember what bindings I'm putting on them!). The resulting liveliness would
be a plus where I plan to use them too, and I do like the "bombroof" factor
and the 3 year warrantee.
> >When I get mine, I'll let you know what these skis are REALLY like.
>I'm looking forward to it!

   Me too, I hope it's positive!

   (BTW, no, I'm not really interested Frontrunners! Is that a hoax or not?)


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