Does this sound familiar to some of you??

Check Okemo's website, check Killington's, damn, it's not updated, call
their snow phone at 802 422-3261 (from memory :->), still not enough trails
open to justify a 3-4 hour trip north even though you should be able to make
it to Okemo in about 2.5 hours at about 95mph, skivters are already skiing
for a few hours at Killington and Okemo, someone posts stupid comment on
skivt, JMK comes back with great reply, LOL, call other resorts in VT and
check their websites, they don't have enough trails open either, receive
skinet e-mail telling you of great deals out west whereby 150% of the
resorts are already open, start thinking about planning that trip out west,
maybe you'll go to VT this weekend, oh forget it warm temps and rain have
slowed down snowmaking, read completely through your ski mags for the 2nd
time, get ski boots out, look at them for a while, put 'em on, have wife
make fun of you as you make huge clumping sounds walking around the house,
daughter says "daddy going to take me skiing?", cry - don't know if it's
because daughter is so cute or that I haven't been able to ski yet, receive
rsn e-mail that has ditto info. from skinet e-mail, check various world
skiing websites, is Jay or Stowe open, how about the 'Bush, keep doing this
for about 3 weeks, pull out skis, send them in for a tune-up but it's too
late, they are doing others skis and yours won't be ready for another 3
weeks, damn that's too long in case there's a snow storm, take 'em home,
what am I gonna do, I keep reading that skivt-lers are skiing, damn that
renson guy - doesn't he realize that he's making us phlatlanders hearts
palpitate as he describes his first few glorious runs of the season!!, I
need to ski but I don't have too much time to take off work, check websites
for Intrawest, Vail and ASC, ah - great deals (except Vail), start planning
west trip again, change plans, check Yahoo finance, great, my SKI stock is
up, think about getting a job in VT and moving the family to Burlington or
Rutland, naw, the spousal unit wouldn't be too happy unless we buy that
horse farm (not any time soon!!), check Killington and Okemo website,  they
are blowing snow like crazy, I gotta go skiing, I gotta go skiing, check
websites again, this time look at someones pictures, Okemo is looking good,
make sure car is ready for a trip, check antifreeze, check windshield washer
fluid, throw in ice scraper for windshield, put ski rack on top of car,
drive car to train station and hear ski rack whistle, decide to take rack
off until ready to use, check various web sites again, call/e-mail buddy,
decide that skiing shall start tomorrow for our season at Okemo, put rack
back on car, put skis, boots, clothes next to garage, fill gas tank, take
shower so that tomorrow I gan get up and drive, go to sleep, can't sleep -
dreaming of skiing, eventually fall asleep way after midnight, rude alarm
clock wakes me at around 5:30am, jump out of bed, throw hat on head, brush
teeth, pack food, get into car, turn key, great - car starts!!, pack car,
get in car, start driving, eat breakfast bar, hit I-95 north, to the Wilbur
Cross to I-91 north, stop in Hamden to pick up ski buddy, talk and bs about
skiing/skivt-l, start seeing a little bit of snow in Greenfield, MA, getting
even more excited, drive some more, finally reach Okemo, park, AH NIRVANA


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