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>Subject:      Re: Shaped Skiis?

>The ski I'm most interested in is
>that Alaska Rocket that Salomon has out. It's long, wide, and not as
>shapey as some of the others out there.

>Too bad they cost 800
>bucks and the chances of getting a demo on a sludge day are pretty slim.

I saw a pair in a shop in Fernie last March for $500 Cdn.   I had no idea
the MSRP was $800 US.  Still, after flexing them I wouldn't have bought
them.  They were the softest ski I've ever flexed, almost comically so, and
the tail was just as soft as the tip.  I think they are a super specialized
tool, a dream in deep deep powder.  But I'll bet in almost all other
conditions they suck - BAD.  If I had the bucks to ski nothing but heli and
snowcat days from BC northward, I'd have a pair.  They are so soft I don't
even think you could skin effectively with them.  If I were you I believe
I'd look for a pair of the first year Snow Rangers.  I'll bet they can be
had cheap now and they will handle the occasional patch of blue ice that
always seems to be hiding somewhere when skiing in the east.

Denis Bogan

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