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>Subject:      Re: Shaped Skiis?

>>Geoff Devine wrote:
> >useless on ice or groomed, though.  Salomon also have/had a weird
> looking double-ended ski that's ridiculously soft like the old
> ballet skis of years gone by.  Maybe that's what you were looking
> at? I have no idea who would use such gear. Skiing in half-pipes
> maybe?

>Those are the 1080's and yeah, they are for that. There were a lot of
kids on them on Monday. If you ask me, they fall more into the "toy"
category than anything else. The skis that Denis and I are talking about
are the AK Rockets, they're new this year but I dont think they are
really a part of the main X-Scream series. They had them at Aspen East
and I think I may have seen them in Sports Odessy in Ludlow. As far as I
know they only come in a 200 (or maybe it was a 203?) length. They're
pretty wide with a rounded, low profile tip.. I assumed with a name like
that they're desgined for blasting big turns in heavy coastal snow, but
maybe I'm wrong.

Those are the ones, and they come in only one length, 200.  The graphics
were yellow similar to the X-Scream, but they had "AK Rocket" written on
them.  The shop wasn't busy that day and the guy talked to me at some
length.  Said they were designed for Chugach Freeskiers, and that on
typical Chugach snow you could carry tremendous speed on them.  I expressed
skepticism but he said it was so.  They must have pretty good torsional
stiffness.  I'd love to have a demo under the right conditions.  This ski
was discussed 4 to 6 months back and John Crowley posted some remarks on
them.  I believe that John was sponsored by Salomon last year.  Check the
archives.  (K2 makes a ski called the AK Launcher, which I haven't seen.)

Denis Bogan

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