Jay did a great job describing the trail mix and set up from yesterday, so I
won't repeat.  Today found bluebird skies and a strong and warm southwesterly
wind.  WHAT A DAY!  No snow was made last night (mon pm), and D.Dipper and E.
Glade were left ungroomed (thank you!).  The evil machine got the best of Rime,
but it didn't last long as the temps soared to near 55-60 by mid day.

Quite a peaceful experience until ~11:00 when some more folks showed up.  Never
a wait, never a hectic moment on the slopes, but there were certainly a large
number of people skiing the 3 trails.  D. Dipper had some nice bumps for early
season.  West glade (not officially an option) proved slightly thin in cover for
me and my teles (and first-day-of-the-season legs), but pleasant.

I left around 1, so I'm not sure how much cover was lost with the warm temps.
Rime should last a good couple days, especially if they can muster a few hours
of snowmaking at night.  All in all a really great day, especially with 3
options to choose from.


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