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>Skiing content or not I have to chip in.  Pete Rose may be as guilty as OJ
>but the timing and setting of Gray's remarks are what I totally disagree

I agree 100% with Jim on this one.  It was Rose's night to be honored for
the way he played baseball.  IMHO the real obstacle to Rose's being in the
Hall is not his unwillingness to admit what he did, it is that St. Bart
said it would be so, and nobody in the Commissioner's office is going to
contradict the deathbed words of St. Bart, now or ever.  I say admit Rose
and Shoeless Joe to the HoF for their accomplishments on the field.
Continue Rose's ban on working in baseball.  If the Commissioner's office
were really concerned about the fan's faith in the integrity of the game,
they would do something about the umpiring crisis.  Don't bet on it.

That interview was a simple example of an old playground game that Pete
understands well because he is a tough guy.  Six bullies sit on a little
kid and one holds a dog turd in his face and says, "Eat Sh&#".  Rose said
_NO_ and I admire him for it.  That's what I would have done.  I admire G.
Gordon Liddy too, for the same quality even though I don't admire anything
else he stands for.  Both of those guys did hard time.  When you do your
time you are entitled to full citizenship when you get out.

Denis Bogan

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