Hi Marc you can pass the word along to the ski-Vt list that I have no
     plans of re-joining the list.  I'll continue to meet up with people
     for skiing but posting to the list is a waste of my time.


     And ours! Thank you!

     Regarding the shaped-skis-for-crud discussion, let me indulge in a
     condensed version of my annual snowboarding filibuster.  Don't spend
     $600 on some funky, SHORT ski when you can order a '99 K2 snowboard
     for $200 (through one of the cheesy discount catalogs that continously
     get mailed to me) that will glide with ease through cruddy, cut-up
     powder in the trees, leaving your two-planking friends behind on those
     frequent heavy snow days.  Consider how many days a year you ski, and
     devoting 5-10 of those to learning to board would enable you to look
     forward to heavy wet powder almost as much as light and dry.


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