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>Subject: Re: Doogie
>Denis Bogan wrote:
>Reasonable minds will differ on this issue.
>> That interview was a simple example of an old playground game that Pete
>> understands well because he is a tough guy.  Six bullies sit on a little
>> kid and one holds a dog turd in his face and says, "Eat Sh&#".  Rose said
>I always perceived Rose to be a very talented egotistical jerk who would
>tell the nation to "eat Sh*#". Never saw him as being the helpless kid
>being gangbanged by the bullies. He personifies the term of bully.
> _NO_ and I admire him for it.  That's what I would have done.  I admire
>> Gordon Liddy too, for the same quality even though I don't admire anything
>> else he stands for.
>Brown shirts probably hung tough in the face of adversity but I do not
>admire anything about them other than their departure from the scene.

Rose was an egotistical jerk and often a bully.  In my opinion both traits
were secondary.  His primary trait was obsession and he would do anything
to realize his obsessive compulsive drive to win.  I believe his wanted to
win primarily for himself, not the team.  In this way I think he was very
similar to Ty Cobb, the only other man to get  4000 hits.  Both men chose
to live lives of Shakespearean tragedy in order to pursue their obsessions.
 But I would vote to put both of them in the _Baseball_ Hall of Fame for
their accomplishments on the field.   I regret the reference to Liddy and I
wish to retract it.  I disagree completely with the man's politics and
there is no good reason why I should defend him for anything else.

Balance between pursuit of an obsession and its cost is a subject not so
far from the hearts of many Ski-VTers in my opinion.

Denis Bogan

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