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>Subject: Re: Historic Laurel Mountain is set to reopen
>This doesn't have to do with skiing but..
>Denis "extraterrestial physics" very interesting.
>What does that involve? Top Secret Stuff?

Ah - you'll never know will you?

Government agencies like catchy names for their Divisions, Branches, etc.
Sometime in the distant past ours was named the Laboratory for
Extraterrestial Physics.  The joke now is that this was done so we could
call ourselves Lepers.  As to secrets, I'll just tell you that the walls
here are papered with National Inquirer stories about aliens, dinosaurs on
Mars and many other wondrous things.  There is never a shortage of
material.  The fence around the campus is not to keep the public out it's
to keep the nerds in.

Denis Bogan

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