Todd wrote:  Call me a pain so be it:

     Actually, I wouldn't disagree with any of your points, and I'm
     definitely not suggested anyone "become" a snowboarder and give up
     skiing.  I'm saying that there are plently of skiers on this list who
     are the mountain 20+ days a year that would really enjoy adding
     snowboarding to their list of fun winter things.  Mine includes
     skiing, boarding, cross-country skiing, and snow-shoeing.  My style of
     skiing has always been go as fast as you can with the widest possible
     turn radius, and I've found on powder/crud days snowboarding
     definitely helps me achieve this.  I think skiers that spend time
     doing grabs & other silly tricks look ridiculous.  In fact, I started
     snowboarding in 1988 and I have yet to enter a half pipe, not once.
     My long freeriding board and stiff boots don't work too well in there.
      My suggestion is not to worry about the image of a 14 year old with
     wallet chain and large jeans and instead just try something you might
     enjoy - a lot.

     Lately though, I have been getting urges to dress in Puma sweats and a
     Carhartt sweatshirt, maybe it IS starting to affect me after all!


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