The esteemed J. Micheal Manson appear to have uttered:
>Good question but it's almost unaswerable.
>What do you mean by resorts that suit families?  If you mean the
>Renson-Guido-Bogan-Manson Family of skiing, well, that's one set of advice.
>If you mean the Clark-Chrush-Kusack Mother Theresa family, then we have some
>other advice for you, my son.
>Generally, in Vermont Family-oriented mountains (especially if you are looking
>to cut costs) means a smaller, less expansive resort.  Would you fly out of
>Utah?  Perhaps you are here already?  Looking for one place to stay for a
>week?  Or are you willing to Grande Tour the Greenmountain State?
>Small, inexpensive family-oriented mountains would include Bromley, Ascutney,
>and Magic in the South.  The mid to North region might include Bolton Valley,
>Smuggler's Notch and Burke.
>But, as I said, your mileage will vary.
>I'm almost willing to bet that the next posting on this thread will be a
>recommendation to take the family to Mad River Glen.

  I'll take you up on that last sentence.
  You will see three generations of a family skiing on the hill at MRG.
  You see lots of kids under 10 years old on Chute and Lift Line.
  The skill level at the Junior Mogul Championship at MRG is great.
  You should have seen the grins on everybody's faces watching 8-year
old Tara (daughter of a friend) tele-ing down Lift Line last year.

  To me, "family" needs are not so much on-hill as off-hill:
    - Daycare  (I'll plug the Cricket Club at MRG here)
    - Slopeside digs I guess are cool - but maybe not - do you want
your kid to have the option of heading to the condo because it is a
bit too firm, or will the tyke build character skiing the whole icy day ?
    - etc.

  As another data point, when I was working at Suicide 6 in Woodstock
awhile back, we would see families in the middle of the week with
5 day Killington lift tickets - it wasn't a matter of conditions or
bad experiences anywhere, it was just that things like Mom and/or Dad
could hang out in the lodge and see their kids funneling down into
the one base area (with 650 feet of vertical it is a short cycle time).
  The change in scale was fun for them - which leads me to my final
point - are you looking to settle into a ski area for a while or is this a
vacation tour ?  I remember when I was young, I really was into going
to different ski areas.
  Staying at a lodge in the Mad River Valley you could easily ski
MRG/Sugarbush/Stowe/Bolton/Smuggs/Killington/Middlebury all within an
hour's drive. Staying near Stowe would put you a reasonable drive
to Stowe/Bolton/Smuggs/Sugarbush/MRG/Burke/JayPeak.

  Have a great trip !

  - Randy
    P.S.  Mad River Valley == Sugarbush/MadRiverGlen area

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