Our pal Matt asked:
>I've been on snow for 40 years, skiing for 32, boarding for 8, want to get
>back into two sticks. I am a VERY agressive boarder and was a VERY agressive
>skiier (was on USEASA downhill team in 1963-1964). What shaped skiis should
>I consider buying ( my home area is Stowe so the standard conditions apply)?
  I'll toe the party line here and say that you gotta do the demo
days, or at least demo some from a shop.

  Last December, I bought my first non-straight sticks.  At the demo
vans I chatted with the reps and said I was coming off of K2 CV slalom
skiis, I was an all mountain skier, and I didn't want my new skiis to
be forcing me to change.  A big issue was I did not want the "gottaturn
gottaturn gottaturn" shaped ski jitter.  So part of my demo test was to go
fast and straight for a while.
  My first choice (which I bought) was the Volkl P30SL (this year it is
the P40SL, my second choice was the K2 Merlin V.  I bought 188's, my
straight ski size was 200 ( I weigh about 155 lbs).  I'm think I might be
a little happier on the  straight skiis in the bumps.

  Like I said, you gotta demo them for yourself.

  - Randy

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