The indubious Mr. Witlicki added:

>   Okay, I usually pass on these, but...
>   When a snowboarder carves *really* sharply, you often
> see several inch deep ruts.  I can't seem to do that kind
> of snow surface damage with alpine skiis.

Me either.  And boy, am I jealous -- to get that pure a carve?  I may
have to get serious about ridin' one of these days.

>   I think when all of your energy is focused on 100cm or
> so of edge, you can cause this effect, at that's my
> intutive feel for it.
>   We've all got years of time looking down from chairlifts
> at people sideslipping down lift line trails.  I think that
> a boarder with their single edge are scraping off more snow than
> most sideslipping skiers.

H'aint been seein' that out on the slopes.  Snow is pushed around
with inglorious effect more by a skid than a carve -- yes, a board
skidding can push a lot of snow, but then, so can skis skidding.
Pure carves don't take up much real estate -- they leave the bulk of
the snow right where they found it.  Key is, regardless of # of
planks, the better the technique of the user, the less the impact on
the snow.

Especially on powder days, where a nice tight line leaves room for
another nice tight line.. almost infinitum...

Off to London for the ski show and assorted press events.. back
wednesday...don't be surprised if I don't answer backchannel
queries (no idea how well I'm gonna do with email over there).  And
Guido, you boatless wretch, we're gonna have to put off the chat for
at least another week...


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