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> I think I've menetioned this before, but I'll say it again. I've always
> had some fear of heights. Palms sweat, get dizzy, nauseous.. shortness
> of breath, the shakes, it sucks. But this past summer I've gotten back
> into rock climbing and I've really noticed those fade significantly.
> Especially since beginning lead climbing (setting anchors as you go
> rather than climbing up to an anchor already set at the top). Keeping

        The feeling of freedom as you levitate past your pro is wonderful!!

> your head together is 99% of dealing with exposure. As with anything,
> you need to focus on the task at hand rather than projecting your focus
> down the hill, or up the climb, whichever the case may be. If you have
> trouble doing that, I'd recommend giving climbing a try. It's a great
> way to quickly push that fear envelope out past what you're used to.

        Get a positive stance and look down between your legs;  you then realize
how peaceful everything is and that the rock is very calm and innocent ....
so what if there's a scree pile of shattered limestone 800 feet below ya
.... you now become very happy !!  How many other climbers are there on
this list?  Kommisar Jerm, Nick, me and Chrusch come to mind.  I want to go
to the Gunks on Sunday, but hope is fading.


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