We had our annual Jay Peak Ski Patrol refresher this weekend, it was
good to be back at the mountain and see old friends.  Unlike the reports
from Mt. Mansfield et., al. Jay Peak only got about 2 inches at best.

Bill Stenger, head honcho, came to speak to us about "News" of changes
at Jay (that I haven't reported on before), his comments:

Scheduled opening date, weather permitting, is 11/20, the weekend before

The new lifts "official" opening date is 12/10, local political types,
etc. will cut the ribbon.  But, they are on schedule and it could open
earlier if weather permits.  The load testing is scheduled to start
11/15, so if all goes well it would be certified to open sooner.

Snow making has been added to the upper sections of Ullr's and JFK,
additionally the existing uphill system has been rerouted to improve
it's efficiency (basically alot of the "corners" were straightened out).

The Trams towers were thouroughly inspected and painted this summer,
"only five bolts needed to be replaced".

Bids are being solicited for new cars for the tram and should be in by
X-mas.  The new cars will be of the same size and capacity of the
current ones.  The drive system may also be improved.  (For those who
remember, similar comments were made last year.)

The Taxi trail has been improved and widened.

Some minor cutting has been done along JFK.

Crews were busy cleaning up the glades, but that Floyd did some
additional damage which they'll have to go back and clean up.

Floyd also did about $50,000 damage to the Sky House, and since repairs
need to be done it will probably be improved.

I also noticed that they invested in a couple cans of paint at the
Stateside lodge.


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