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> How many other climbers are there on
>  this list?

I just started rock climbing this past summer.  Although I've done some
ice-climbing each of the past three seasons, I've hesitated to join the ranks
of spidermen and women everywhere scaling the walls.  I like the personal
freedom ice-climbing provides where one can make their own holds so-to-speak.
 Relying on the ones that God put in the rock was more I was comfortable
with.  But, I had a great time on the Chapel Pond slab and was able to lead
the last pitch.  I find that leading purges complacency (even on such a
low-angle climb as the slab).

The question I have is about concentrating on the immediate task, versus
looking ahead to the task a turn or two down the hill.  On really steep
stuff, narrow stuff, or in-the-trees stuff, I often find myself struggling to
put turns together, resulting in a start-stop form of getting down the
mountain that is less than what I'm shooting for.  Any advice?  Thanks heaps.

Jeff Eriksen

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