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> Bill Stenger, head honcho, came to speak to us about "News" of changes
> at Jay (that I haven't reported on before), his comments:

        I see he hasn't missed Todd, at all.

> Snow making has been added to the upper sections of Ullr's and JFK,
> additionally the existing uphill system has been rerouted to improve
> it's efficiency (basically alot of the "corners" were straightened out).

        Aw geeeez .....

> The Trams towers were thouroughly inspected and painted this summer,
> "only five bolts needed to be replaced".

        Safety wire and duct tape, right?  OK, just kidding.

> Bids are being solicited for new cars for the tram and should be in by
> X-mas.  The new cars will be of the same size and capacity of the
> current ones.  The drive system may also be improved.  (For those who
> remember, similar comments were made last year.)

        This sorta' infers that the Tram will not run at all until Christmas,
unless the old cahs are run until the new ones arrive, the system gets shut
down for a spell and the swap is performed.  What's the deal, here?

> Some minor cutting has been done along JFK.

        Does this mean glades?

> Floyd also did about $50,000 damage to the Sky House, and since repairs
> need to be done it will probably be improved.

        Is that the place on the summit?

> I also noticed that they invested in a couple cans of paint at the
> Stateside lodge.

        Are they ever gonna' serve beers after 4PM, there?  I'm not out to go
swilling there, but it would be nice to get a beer after a great day when
ya' finally come in at about 4:30.

Chuck M.

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