Others pretty much covered the open options. I was there as well and got
to explore a few of the "restricted" options. Over the past few years my
opening turns have been earned in solitude on natural snow. This year
was the totoal opposite nothing earned, and far from solitude. But don't
get me wrong, I had a blast and was happy to be on white stuff again,
especially with some of the real stuff thrown into the mix. Gotta say
that I'm jealous of those who earned turns at MRG and Stowe though, you
guys won the real prize this weekend. I bet Nosedive was going off...

Anyway, the lower part of Catwalk was a hoot, and the patrollers at the
top didnt seem to get too huffy when I ducked the rope to it. Skiing on
natural snow in October is a real treat, as I cant stand the sound of
skis scratching hardpack. The lower half of East Glade was a challenge
-- nature's finest breakable crust. The cover was excellent though, all
it needed was a good bootpacking (whatever happened to the days of free
tickets in exchange for a couple bootpack runs?). Same goes for the
upper half of West Glade. Lower half was quite good due to a lot of
groomer and snowmobile traffic. Since the Canyon Quad was going so slow
I decided to continue down the cat track rather than go back up to go
back down. That turned out to be a good decision. The skiing was pretty
good down to the top of Bunny Buster, where it got choppy. I was still
skiing though, and that was better than riding in a muddy truck. Snow
finally gave out about 300 feet from the lodge but the speed I had
accumulated allowed me to skip across the wet grass and stop at the K1
base station.

Today I am back at my computer and feeling that familiar soreness that
you only get after those first few ski days of the season. I love that
feeling, it's a sure sign of a good day's skiing. I had a real hard time
tying my shoes this morning, just couldnt reach them :) Wont be long
before we're in the trees and feeling like Jedi Knights again! I cant


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