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        [about the Salomon Alaska Rocket]

> I saw a pair in a shop in Fernie last March for $500 Cdn.   I
> had no idea the MSRP was $800 US.  Still, after flexing them
> I wouldn't have bought them.  They were the softest ski I've
> ever flexed, almost comically so, and the tail was just as soft
> as the tip.

I think you're confusing models.  The non-shaped mid-fat noodle
they'd been selling for a few years was the X-Mountain.  I own
a pair and love 'em on the soft stuff.  I don't ski very fast so
the softness doesn't cause me any problems. They're totally
useless on ice or groomed, though.  Salomon also have/had a weird
looking double-ended ski that's ridiculously soft like the old
ballet skis of years gone by.  Maybe that's what you were looking
at? I have no idea who would use such gear. Skiing in half-pipes

Their new rocket ship is called the Super Mountain.  It flexes
a lot like the X-Scream Series but it's 5 cm longer, a little
wider tip and tail, and a *LOT* wider in the waist.  There are
3 pairs sitting at The Basin Ski Shop at Killington if anybody's
curious.  Serious ski toys but not something you'd use often in
Vermont.  They list for "only" $695.  Does anybody really pay
retail for this stuff?


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