First, an opinion on Rt 103...  I find it's always quicker
to take 103. Northbound, you can also bypass Ludlow on the
east side of the river and save 5 minutes.  Southbound, you
just have to time the drive to avoid the Okemo rush.

On the development thing, I have mixed feelings.  I have
*NO* pity for traffic in Woodstock since they voted down
a bypass around the town 25 years ago.  The pox on 'em! May
100,000 18-wheelers per day flow through their hick speed trap
burgh.  (sorry, I've had some expensive tickets there)

I think a village at the base of Killington would
be a good thing but I worry about the quality of ASC
construction.  If they did a quality job with 2 levels of
parking underneath, poured concrete, brick, fieldstone, slate
and such, I'd be all for it.  If they throw up some more 2x4
eyesores like the Grand Summit, it will just perpetuate
the ugliness of the Killington Access Road.  When I was over
at Sunday River last winter, I got on my construction quality
soapbox with Skip.  He pointed out that their new Grand Summit
over at Jordan and the one at Killington are virtually identical.
The one at SR is tucked into a birch grove and looks very
attractive.  I fear that a treeless base village in the Snowshed
and Rams Head parking lots will have the same problems as the
K Grand Summit.

The locals are also pretty mixed about it.  With the zoning
change vote coming up shortly, it will be interesting to see
how it all shakes out.


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