Mark P. Renson leads with:
>>  OK, I hesitate to bring this up 'cuz some might get offended
>>  and label it as a "Testofest" ... um, but .... to hell with
>>  them, let's have some fun!!  What's the steepest any
>>  of you folks have skied?  Me?, I don't have to scare myself -

Denis Brogan sez:
> Me too.  I'm the most conservative adventure skier I know.  If
> you want to translate that as "wuss" I won't even take offense.
> I am very uncomfortable climbing stuff steeper than the low to
> mid 40s, although I can ski it, so long as it's not ice.

Whoah!  _CLIMBING_ mid 40s...  I'm not worthy.

I don't intentionally ever get on anything I have to jump to
get into.  The cirque at Snowbird scares the hell out of me.
The traverse through the cornice entering Blackcomb's Couloir
Extreme or Whistler's West Bowl is about all I can take without
getting hit with vertigo.  I've done rag doll falls down several
steep things after choking on the first turn.  It's 100% mental
because after I've made the first turn, I've never had a
problem.  I guess I prefer my adrenaline delivery system set
to trickle-charge rather than stun.


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