Frank Hwang wrote:
> You can't escape it. You just have to deal.

Sure you can. You can ski at Mad River Glen.
It aint fair, but it's the truth.

And the point I was getting at was that in true off the map woods you
dont really see many inexperienced skiers. It's just a lot harder to
navigate woods on skis than it is on a snownoard. Even if you totally
discount the whole sideslipping issue the fear of castration is more
than enough to keep most intermediate skiers out. You dont see many
inexperienced snowboarders accidentally straddling pointy sticks. Board
hits, they stop, everyone's OK.

I'm not saying that they have any less right to go there than I do. I
just wish that similar natural controls existed for snowboarders that do
for skiers, not just to perserve the snow, but also to keep
inexperienced people away from terrain that could potentially kill them.


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