Geoff Devine wrote:
> Whoah!  _CLIMBING_ mid 40s...  I'm not worthy.
> steep things after choking on the first turn.  It's 100% mental
> because after I've made the first turn, I've never had a
> problem.  I guess I prefer my adrenaline delivery system set
> to trickle-charge rather than stun.

I think I've menetioned this before, but I'll say it again. I've always
had some fear of heights. Palms sweat, get dizzy, nauseous.. shortness
of breath, the shakes, it sucks. But this past summer I've gotten back
into rock climbing and I've really noticed those fade significantly.
Especially since beginning lead climbing (setting anchors as you go
rather than climbing up to an anchor already set at the top). Keeping
your head together is 99% of dealing with exposure. As with anything,
you need to focus on the task at hand rather than projecting your focus
down the hill, or up the climb, whichever the case may be. If you have
trouble doing that, I'd recommend giving climbing a try. It's a great
way to quickly push that fear envelope out past what you're used to.


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