Geoff writes in agreement with Todd on the fine craft of snowboarding:
>Gee Todd, I must confess that my vocabulary on the hill also
sometimes includes the word "FxxxingSnowboarder" from time
to time.  But that's usually vented towards nubie boarders.

There are just about as many gomers on skis sideslipping the
snow off the good terrain as there are snowboarders.  If I
Yeah, there are also a lot of 15-year-old nubies wrecking the natural snow
trails and
generally getting in the way.  20 years ago before snowboards
were popular, they were out there on skis doing the same thing.
Thank you Geoff for the reminder that so often gets lost in the ever
endless snowboard vs ski debates. It ain't the aircraft - it's the pilot.

How does a snowboarder say hello?
Oh. Sorry dude.

How does a skier say hello?
What the f--- were you doing in my line!???!!!!!!

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