I'm posting this on behalf of Dave Cole. Please, direct all correspondence
to Dave Cole at the address below.
To Interested Parties:

The Geochemical Society Program Committee
is seeking input on potential session topics for
the Spring AGU meeting. There is still time to
submit your Session title and a brief abstract
outlining its justification and the nature of the
subject matter.  Areas of interest can be quite
broad - i.e., stable isotope geochemistry,
radiogenic isotope geochemistry, trace elements,
hydrothermal systems, low-temperature geochem.,
molecular-based studies, studies of intefaces,
origin of life, subduction-related volcanism,
biomineralization, elemental and isotopic
partitioning and transport in minerals, etc.

If you are seriously interested in convening a session,
please send your title and abstract to:

David R. Cole
Gechemistry Group
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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