Can anyone recommend a soil and fish and possibly seaweed standard for
isotope analysis as a comparison standard?

I have the list of NIST material that the Environmental Isotope Lab at the
University of Waterloo were kind enough to put out, but I understand that
the soil/sediment that they used, NIST 2704 Buffalo River Sediment is now
exhausted.  Can anyone suggest an alternative, like NIST #2709 San Joaquin
Soil, or #'s 2710 and #2711 Montana I and II?   We can obviously make our
own up but it would be great to use something off the shelf that others can
readily get and analyze.

Also, there did not seem to be any really good fish standards or seaweed
standards in the NIST catalog.

Any ideas would be most welcome,

Thanks in advance,

Paul Brooks.

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