I'll second this motion!

Especially as I usually download the whole of Isogeochem both at work (free)
and at home (money)  It COSTS some of us to read this group, and I would
hate to be discouraged from being a member of any internet resource for that

The number of binary attachments here is very small.  If someone (I'm not
excluding myself) volunteered a chunk of webspace, and agreed to upload any
files to that space of general interest, it could be a good thing.

I've got huge chunks of commercial space available (ask no questions...), as
well as access to some good quality non-commercial space, but does everyone
else agree this would be a good way to go?  If someone wants a file to be
available to the list, they send it to me, I dump it onto my web server, and
post the URL and file description to the list?  Anyone who wants it then
grabs it using their web browser.

Good idea, or stinky?

Andrew Tait

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> I'm sorry to be such a stick in the mud, but...Please don't send
> attachments to listservers, this is one of the ultimate violations of
> Netetiquette.  If you have access to web pages, post the information on
> page and post the URL to the listserver.  Better yet create a web page
> for people to fill out on line.  If either of these options are not
> available then let people know who to contact to have the forms sent via
> attachment to them privately.
> Mike
> >To announce the:
> >
> >International Symposium on Nuclear Techniques in
> >Integrated Plant Nutrient, Water and Soil Management
> >
> >IAEA/FAO Vienna, Austria
> >16 - 20 October 2000
> >
> >This FAO/IAEA Symposium will provide an international forum for a
> >comprehensive review of the present state-of-the-art and recent advances
> >made in the development of the integrated approach. Contributions are
> >invited on the themes listed below and should preferably have a new
> >research-based development component or deal with significant refinement
> >isotope and other nuclear-based methods and/or open new fields of
> >application to investigate/assess the impact of management practices on
> >sustainable crop production and environmental stewardship.
> >
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