Hi all-

here at morristown we are seting up a second mail server for our domain.
We are using Windows NT as our DNS and we already have one MX record in the
DNS for our main mail server.  we would like to have a second server up and
working for another part of the school district.  Our first mx record has a
domian of "net" and the host name of "morrisville" and a mail exchange
server of "".  Here is my question,  I would like to
add a second server with a mail host name of "wasp" and a mail exchange
server of ""? (yes, we do have a A record set up for
wasp)  If I send mail to [log in to unmask] I do not get the
mail for that account on that server.  Also I am not able to send mail out
of that server.  We are using Microsoft Exchange as our server package.  If
you do not know the answer, but you know a go listserv for nt problems, I
would like to know that as well.

Jeff evert - can you send me the address of those nt listservs that you know.

Bill Kimball

Bill Kimball
Morristown School District
Morristown Teacher Development Center for the Integration of Technology
548 Park Street
Morristown, Vermont 05661
(802).888.7550 Fax