> ... Have you tried local businesses?  IBM here in the Burlington, VT,
> area
> ... Could you try some graduates?
> Joanne Finnegan
> Tech Coordinator
> Jericho and Richmond Elementary Schools
> ---------------
> Where's the "problem" --
> -- in C
> -- in getting documentation on the gWorld
>    calls
>  -- in understanding the developer's framework

>                Steve Cavrak <[log in to unmask]>

we've tried businesses and found mostly friendly (foxbase, etc.) database
and we do have some grads who may come back at christmas...we may have to

the problem is mostly with gWorld documentation, i believe,
but we need simple examples and explanations as much as reference
materials,  ...

thanks for the tips, steve; we'll look on the 'net.
and thanks for the suggestions, joanne- might your grad be willing to take
email questions from the banana belt?

eric achenbach
computer graphics and programming teacher
brattleboro union high school