Cleo asked about the Current Opinion publications.
I think I have the answer.

It is NOW published by Lippincott.  I just happen to spend TIME on the
telephone yesterday, trying to pin-point a source for ordering one aricle
from a 1999 Current Contents in Pulmonary Medicine  (there is an
extensive list of those "Currrent Opinion" titles on but nothing newere for Current Opinion titles
than 1997).  I dug up the old publisher's telephone number (located via
OCLC), got refferred around until I was given the Lippincott number, got
connected to "systems", then to 3 or 4 other numbrs, until I finally got
a number where I could order a single article fulltest.  It turned out
to be ISI!!!  and after checking with the requesting physician (he
wanted it same day faxed and we were a;lready a  day late) he said to
forget it.

Anyway:  Price for an individual's subscription  to these is $219 per
year, and Lippincott will gladly take an order.
Price of a SINGLE  issue (6 a year) is $69.
Lippincott will fill requests for bulk copies (100 or so), did not ask
for a price per item.
ISI numbe: 1-800-336-4474 or 1-800-341-2258 (there are other numbers).
Don't know how much they will charge.

(An aside:  If you just happen to dial in error (dial 4475 instead of
4474) you might get an "education" in what phone sex is all about.  And
PLEASE don't start a whole discusssion going on that topic, or if you do,
note it as such on the subject line -  the redeeming intent of this
messaage as to provide the location tool for Current Opinion).

O knew these telephone locations
exist, but alia Kleinmuntz
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On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Cleo Wilkinson wrote:

> Hi Colleagues,
> I vaguely recall that some Current opinion journals are available free
> on the net ??
> has anyone heard of this ?
> If so- it  is  "Current opinion in Rheumatology" in particular that we
> are trying to locate for free .
> Many Thnaks for assistance.
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