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Dear Dalia Kleinmuntz,

Thank you for your message.  There are 2 sets of Current Opinion journals on
BioMedNet, the medical ones published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and
the life science ones published by Current Trends/Elsevier Science.   The
Lippincott ones have not been updated on BioMedNet since the end of 1997,
this has been due to data problems between Lippincott and ourselves.  We are
trying to resolve this with them at the moment, however, we have not yet
been able to get a definite answer from them as to when they will start
supplying us with data again.

The life science Current Opinions are available, fully up todate at

I hope this helps, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Best wishes,
Mike Brown

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Dear Customer Services at Biomed -

Thanks for the posting, but I am puzzled.  I visited the website and all
I could locate was a 1997 article for Current Opinion in Pulmonary
Medicine, with a note to the effect that the publication is suspended.

I did some sleuthing and talked to the CURRENT (new) publisher, Lippincott,
who referred me to ISI for ordering reprints.

These Current opinion publication have been rather difficult to locate,
few physicians subscribe, or if they do, they toss them out.  I have no
idea what sources index them, but there are other Medical Librarians
around the country who face puzzling obstacles in locating full text
articles at reasonable prices wth quick turnaround time.

Can you please clarify?

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