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A Medical Reporter 5-star pick for consumer health education
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"Comprehensive New Resource Provides Detailed Medical Information
     in language that healthcare consumers can understand."

Delaware County Library System Online
Recommended Reference Book of the Month
Featured Reference Book of the Month: Sep 99

Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group
People with Special Needs Down Syndrome Report February 1999
"The Down syndrome coverage is quite good. However, educators will have
 to respond as to whether children with DS fall within the trainable or
 what I suspect is generally true, the educable range. It is a good
medical encyclopedia, but if there is any question check the matter
 out with your physician."

The Compass 3/99 is published monthly during the fall and spring terms by
Emma Waters Summar Library
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine REF RC41.G35 1999
This 5 volume set probably is the definitive encyclopedia available in the
field. The nursing department will certainly
want to make use of this resource, but it also might have relevance for
biology and chemistry courses.

Gale press release

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>Have any of you purchased this 1999 title for your consumer health
>collection? It's 5 volumes and $500! What do you think of it? Was it worth
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