I've had pretty good luck lately contacting the organization, explaining how
I've exhausted all the usual bibliographic routes, and pleading for help.
So, IF you can identify the Society, and IF they have a Web site...

The other thing that may work is to track down Dr. Deak (IF he is a
physician) and IF he has E-mail, you may be able to contact him directly to
ask for a copy.

I find that the World Wide Web tremendously facilitates retrieving this kind
of literature.  What did we ever do without it?

Good luck.

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> Subject: ILL: Vascular SocietyThrowaway - 2nd request
> I am desperately trying to locate a
> starting point to find an article with
> very little information.  Author:
> Stephen Deak.  Title: Popliteal
> aneurysms with Politeal entrapment.
> Journal: Vascular Society Throwaway.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanks
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