In response to a question about how MESH terms get applied (who makes
the decision):

NLM relies on "specialists" to index the articles, and it is their
decisions how to apply the MESH.  Even if the word appears in the title,
for instance, they soemtimes ignore it, becasue they don't agree with the
author's emphasis on the word, or the subject of the article.  I wonder
if anyone at NLM has ever dne a study of providing the indexers the same
articles several times over a persiod of weeks and see how close thye
come up with the indexing terms.  It seems to me that a lot of it could
be rather subjective.

That is also why not tow seachers come up with exactly the same number of
citations.  One had to be terribly inclusive and exahustive to try and
include "everything"... Nothing like the "quick an dirty" that's is the
norm nowadays, and even I resort to it at times, even if I know better.

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