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Fellow members of SIM
We would like to invite you to join The Alliance of Medical Internet
Professionals (AMIP).
After attending our second MEDNET conference this year, where we
presented a session and one of the workshops, we determined that there
was a logical need for a different type of on-line organization--one
that could provide a more interactive forum for it's members, as well as
a more informal e-chronicle, where opinions, ideas and innovative uses
of the Internet in Medicine could be shared by those in the field. With
AMIP's e-chronicle, the CyberMed Catalyst, copyright and ownership of
the articles and postings remain with the authors, allowing them to
pursue paper publication elsewhere if desired. We see these on-line
resources as ways to enhance international electronic brainstorming and
collaboration in the Medical Internet Community on a more frequent,
potentially even daily, basis.

AMIP was created to be an adjunctive, not a competitive organization
with the Society for the Internet in Medicine, and we envision the
activities and initiatives of AMIP strengthening the Society and greatly
contributing to its future successes.

We invite you to share your ideas in the Medical Internet Forum and
submit an article to the CyberMed Catalyst. Let colleagues in this
rapidly expanding field share your thoughts on successful and
not-so-successful projects. We welcome your input, your ideas, your

(Apologies for cross-postings, but many of us are involved with many of
the same listserves and e-mailings.)
Announcing A New Resource for the Medical Internet Community

The Mission of the Alliance of Medical Internet Professionals (AMIP) is
a new not-for-profit Internet-based organization formed to connect
Medical Internet Professionals world-wide, improve the quality of
healthcare to people around the globe, and to discover innovative
methods for employing Internet technology in the practice of medicine.

AMIP will enhance international electronic brainstorming and
collaboration in the Medical Internet Community by using
interconnected Internet modalities--a threaded message board (The
Medical Internet Forum), a thought-provoking e-chronicle
(The CyberMed Catalyst), and an e-mail list (RETICULUM Listserve),
hosted by the University of California, Davis and moderated by Dr.
Michael Hogarth, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine  Medical
Director, Applied Medical Informatics Group at the University of
California, Davis.

The Alliance of Medical Internet Professionals was inspired by the
successes within the "Open Source" computer community,
most notably the Linux community. With an "Open Source" computer program
the programming information is freely shared,
modified and distributed, allowing interested programmers to participate
in a project in a cooperative effort to create the best
possible software. This is an example where sharing information and
knowledge has been an integral part of developing new
ideas and better technologies for the Internet. We aim to apply their
example to the medical community to stimulate sharing of ideas and
expertise, to improve communication, collaboration, and cooperation
among medical professionals and to empower the medical Internet
community to solve the complex problems facing medicine.

Interested in learning more about this Internet-based Organization?

   * Visit the AMIP website:
            The Alliance of Medical Internet Professionals
   * Read the Premier Issue of The CyberMed Catalyst
            The CyberMed Catalyst <>
   * Post an idea, insight or innovative use of the medical Internet on
the Medical Internet Forum.
            Medical Internet Forum <>
   * Join AMIP. <>
   * Tell a Colleague, and work to

              "Connect the Medical Internet Community one Modem at a

Thank you for your time, your interest and your support.

Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS, BCBT
Physician, Internal Medicine
(SIM Member, Scientific Review Committee, Presentor, Tutorial
Instructor, Section Chair, Logo Designer MEDNET '99, Presenter Virtual
Congress, MEDNET '98)
Cole D. Thompson, MA
Unix Engineer
(Presentor, Tutorial Instructor MEDNET '99, Presenter Virtual Congress,
The Alliance of Medical Internet Professionals


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