Susan:  They should hire a librarian first.
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        Subject:        state of the art library for nursing?

        Please help me respond to this question (respond to me at
        the address below and I will summarize for the list)

        "I am an assistant professor of nursing at xxxxx University in
        xxxx and an alumnae.  We are currently in the process of
        developing a proposal for the state of  the art library with
        everything that a librarian/information specialist  would want and
        everything that faculty could use.   We also do not  currently have
        librarian for our library and therefore are very much "out  of the
        loop" as far as what to ask for.  Could you direct me to who might
        have this information?   What is on the  horizon?   What would be
        top 10 requests that a librarian/information  specialist would


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