Note: This message is my opinion, not that of Cinahl Information Systems.

As Dalia wrote to MEDLIB, when new journals are started, do we consider
impact on existing journals such as National Network?

While Cinahl strives to provide document delivery for all the journals
indexed in the CINAHL database, they are increasingly frustrated by
publishers that do not allow them to provide this service. Cinahl belongs to
the Copyright Clearance Center and is willing to pay reasonable royalties to
the publisher. However, more and more publishers are raising their fees (as
high as $20 per article) and others - including Haworth - are unwilling to
work with vendors to facilitate document delivery - read their copying
policies!!! Since CINAHL also works with end users searching CINAHLdirect,
they need to provide an efficient document delivery option for those without
direct access to health science libraries.

Since Cinahl believes that users need to have ready access to the full text
of journal articles they may NOT index new titles unless the publisher can
provide timely and convenient document delivery (this does not apply to
titles currently indexed).  (Also, note that CINAHL is willing to work with
publishers to help facilitate access to the full-text via the CINAHL
website.)  Because CINAHL includes health sciences librarianship as an
allied health field, I would  hate to see relevant content omitted from the
database. This could happen with this new journal unless Haworth changes its

I do not believe that librarians should encourage journal publishers who do
not allow libraries to fill interlibrary loan requests, and who are
unwilling to work with document delivery vendors. For this reason, I almost
discontinued my subscription to Medical Reference Services Quarterly and
will not subscribe to other Haworth titles. In addition, I believe that
librarians - especially those in small organizations - do not want to have
to remember that ISI tear sheets and ordering direct from the publisher are
the only options when they need an article from a Haworth title.  I also
hope that Haworth has discontinued their practice of publishing individual
issues as books, and other deceptive publishing practices.

I also know that the editors of the Hospital Section (National Network) and
CAPHIS (Consumer Connection) newsletters (both indexed in CINAHL) are always
on the  outlook for good material. If there are librarians out there who
have something to share, why not submit to one of these?

Likewise, we should encourage our patrons to work with journals who have
exemplary copyright policies. I know of few journals who pay authors for
their work, and I wonder if the authors realize how restricted access can be
if they publish in journals with restrictive policies??? Only the publisher
benefits from the royalties - not those responsible for the content!

More opinionated than my usual, a just my 2 cents worth - Peg

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