This request kind of goes along with the recent discussion on the list.

I was asked by the secretary of a local Career Center to explain to them
"how to set up a  nursing library" and "how to catagorize books". From what
I understand, they do not and will not have a librarian and the secretary is
going to "sit in the library room and keep an eye on the books". (No joke!)
They have no cataloging system whatsoever but are planning to let books be
checked out. (If anyone can explain the logistics of that, I'd like to hear

I think she wants me to tell her how to put books in catagories: i.e.
pediatrics, patho, etc. But don't ask me what they plan on doing with all
their books once they get them in to catagories.

Short of telling her to go get her MLS - I don't know what to tell her. It
really bothers me to hear of non-librarians thinking that we can describe
how to do our jobs in 50 words or less.

Well, if anyone has any advice for me to give her, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Leann Isaac
Jameson Health System