Literally, the first Educational Bulletin published after the November, 1998 one (253 - Special Problems of Multiple Gestation) was 254 (Primary and Preventive Health Care for Female Adolescents, November, 1999).  255 was also issued in November, 1999 (Psychosocial Risk Factors: Perinatal Screening and Intervention).  However, that does not mean that we did not issue other Bulletins during 1999.... (we issued 8 Practice Bulletins between 12/98 and 11/99).
First we had Technical Bulletins (from 1966 +), then in the late 1970s we added Committee Opinions, which have continued on fairly smoothly.  In August, 1995 we issued our first Practice Pattern, our first evidence-based series.  We only issued 7 of them tho, and only 5 are still current.  In August, 1996 we changed the name of the Technical Bulletins to Educational Bulletins to emphasize their educational function.  In June, 1998, we merged the format of the Practice Patterns with the format of the Educational Bulletins to create the Practice Bulletin - an Educational Bulletin with an evidence-base.  We have issued 10 Practice Bulletins since June, 1998 and we hope to issue most clinical Bulletins in the Practice Bulletin format.  However, we will continue to issue Educational Bulletins (but not as frequently as before).
Note:  If you have a subscription to Bulletins - you should be receiving Educational Bulletins and Practice Bulletins as they are published.  If you have problems with your subscription, please contact the ACOG Distribution Center 800-762-2264 or our in-house representative Gail Osborne (202-863-2535).  
Note 2:  Starting in March, 1998, we also began to publish the Bulletins and Committee Opinions in the back of Obstetrics & Gynecology, our official journal).  (but they are not in the ToC).  
Note 3:  all of these current documents are also available fulltext on the members' side of our web site,
Note 4: We will be issuing  Compendium 2000 shortly - which will have all of the current Bulletins (of all types), Committee Opinions, Practice Patterns, and Statements of Policy that are in effect in December, 1999.  Great resource - except that it gets increasingly out of date as the year goes by - so your users need to use it with caution.  
I hope this helps - it is confusing (including to us).  Please feel free to contact our reference desk for assistance.
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>>> "Zundel, Karen" <[log in to unmask]> 11/23 11:28 AM >>>

The last issue of the ACOG Educational Bulletin I received was #253,
November 1998.  For a year, I've been claiming each issue since then.
Finally today I received TWO DIFFERENT issues in the mail, BOTH numbered
#254 and dated November 1999!

Can someone verify if there has been any issues between November 1998 and
November 1999?  I miss the old Serline; tried using LocatorPlus but was
unsuccessful....although I may not have used it properly.   Calling the ACOG
people (my journal vendor has tried repeatedly) has been useless.

Thanks for any assistance.
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