Considering what the skiing was like 10 days ago, it's hard for me to get
too excited about today's conditions at Stowe. But I'm sure it was vastly
superior to the skiing 2 days ago, so let's be upbeat about it. Still only
one run open, Upper Lord -> North Slope, but at least it's a long, 2000+
vertical run with a fast lift ride. The fresh snow (about 3-6") was soft
and fluffy, but grooming and skier/snowboarder traffic wiped out most of it
in the first hour of the day. Even if all skis are rock skis, my skis were
still not eager to do much off-trail exploring, because that 3-6" was the
only snow on the mountain. It did make everything look nice and wintry,
though, and the day was pretty sunny with good views of Smugglers Notch and
the mountains to the north and south.

They were blowing snow on Centerline and Lower Lord, I think (my knowledge
of Stowe's trail layout could be better), so there will certainly be more
terrain opening up in the next few days. But unless you get excited by
groomed early season manmade snow, I'd recommend waiting for another good
snowfall. Things were pretty skied off by mid-day up there. Was it worth
$34? Not quite, but it could certainly have been worse. I would certainly
have made the drive up to Jay if they'd been open - right now Thursday
looks pretty iffy for me, but we'll see.

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