Dennis wrote:

"Leigh, did you ever hear any lawyer jokes?"
Yeah, I heard a good one the other day as a matter of fact.
A lawyer gets dunked overboard with a bunch of other crew members when their
ship sinks.  The sharks show up right away.  One after one, the sharks zone
in on the floating crew members, cutting them to ribbons and chomping down
various body parts.
After a while, the crew notices that the sharks are cutting the lawyer a
wide berth.  "Hey", they ask him, Why aren't the sharks bothering you?

The lawyer turns, smiles and says "Professional courtesy".

"How about lawyer stereotypes? I thought so."
I'll get back to you on that one after I finish padding the day's timesheets
and I chase down that ambulance I just heard outside.

"I wouldn't presume to tell you about the law or farming or dismiss all
lawyers and farmers with sweeping simple minded stereotypes.  The fact is
that I know very little about the law or farming."

That's the beauty of being a lawyer.  We get to make sweeping, opinionated
statements about the most unrelated, arcane, and specialized stuff
imaginable - and usually get paid for doing it.

However, as most folks diss lawyers with impunity everyday, it's sometimes
nice to sit back and bemusedly catch the reaction when the guns are turned
on the sacred cow of environmental extremism.  Point is, the "wise use side"
rarely gets heard throught the din, and catches hell when it does.

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