Denis Bogan wrote:

> Wes and Jumpin' Jimmy passed overhead so I waited to do a run together.
> They were pumped and it was
> contagious; we made some awesome turns together IMHO and got a few cheers
> from the lift.  It was our private slope and except for the lift, it could
> have been May on the Gulf of Slides.  That was my best run of the weekend.

Wow, having seen those guys the other day at the 'bush, I know exactly what
you mean by pumped up and contagious - I wasn't kidding when I said they were
having the most fun out anyone out there ;)  Great to hear they helped you
groove into some of your best turns. :)

> I had checked the App Gap daily picture on Wed. and Thurs. of the big storm
> and know that they had 30" +

Hey what a cool site! With snowfall info as well!  I love it!
Is it always up and running?
What better way to check on the conditions in the Mad River / Sugarbush area
than a daily pic like that - thanks for letting me know about it.


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