At 10:19 AM -0500 12/13/99, Andrew Hendrickson wrote:
>Was I whining?  I apologize if it appeared that way.

Did I say you were whining?  I apologize if it appeared that way. I
was referring to whining in general as not being positive. I didn't
mean to imply anyone was whining.

>How does the new CIT standard web
>development package fit into your scripted web template environment?
>As I understood things, your script means that we don't need a web
>development package at all yet now CIT is recommending Adobe GoLive.

Slow down. Read the announcement. It says:

>o For simple page development and "Web99" style publishing (as described in
>the CIT Web Publishing Guide for, we recommend NetScape Composer.

This implies that the "new CIT standard web development package" is
NetScape Composer in conjunction with Web99 scripting. Considering
that CIT has been handing out NetScape Composer with NetScape
Communicator for several years now, this isn't a radical move.

The announcement goes on to say:

>o For those wishing a more feature laden "professional" site development tool,
>or those who feel constrained by the limits of Web99 style publishing,
>we suggest Adobe GoLive 4.0

The UVM "Web Team" (for now, see has
no power to dictate, only to suggest. We'd love it if everyone used
our design, but there will always be mavericks and contrarians and
Independent Junior Web Designers or Talented Graphics Artists who
want to do their own thing. For them, we suggest Adobe goLive.

That said, Let's revisit Andrew's question:

>How does the new CIT standard web
>development package fit into your scripted web template environment?

Either product -- Composer or goLive -- fits very well with the Web99
scripted web template environment. NetScape Composer works just fine.
goLive might work even better.

The great majority of UVM "sub-sites" are pretty simple and pretty
similar. Compare and contrast, for example,,, and Each of these has a bunch of content pages
to manage.

While Composer does an OK job at editing and updating single pages,
Adobe goLive excels at managing multiple pages of content. I have
used it quite effectively within the context of the Web99 scripting

But remember, our first recommendation is still NetScape Composer.
Far too much attention had been paid to the Adobe goLive part of the

>Will CIT develop Golive templates that we can all use to make our
>pages consistent with the UVM master guidelines?

If there is demand for such, but I see no pressing need to do so.

>Were you in loop on the selection of this product, Wes?

I pretty much was the loop. More on that later...
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