Andrew Hendrickson wrote:

> To Lynn and all others involved in IT at UVM, if we can't get CIT to
> be more effective and provide the leadership we need in order to best
> support our clients, then it's time to stop working with them and to
> form our own standards.

I understand the frustration.  I suspect CIT staff are also frustrated, and I
tend to believe that resource limitations have more to do with the problems than
lack of committment or leadership.  Leadership is difficult here at UVM.  One
tends to get bashed if you step out and actually do something.  Maybe we can all
make efforts to lead and be lead w/out bashing.

But Andrew - you've made the call - I've been thinking about it for some time,
myself.  Let's start having regular meetings of the far-flung computing support
folks, open meetings with CIT invited/everyone.  But- let's make an
agenda/purpose of the group, and see what kinds of productive work we can get

Here's my proposal:
Group Title:  UVM IT Support Network

Objective:  To identify collaborative opportunities among the IT support
infrastructure on projects, problems, and policy evaluation and proposal.  To
communicate current projects, issues, and opportunites among the support
network.  To create funding opportunities and strategies for entrepreneurial
development in IT.

Meet every two months for two hours.   Brown-bag lunch format.  1 half hour
presentation by a different member on current issue and proposal for
rectification/ or presentation on current projects.  Discussion on presentation
and/or current work.  Rotating meeting facilitator.  Meeting minutes published
on website.  Use an existing discussion list for event planning and
between-meeting dialogue.

I'll be happy to set up the first meeting.

Possible agenda:
- Developing a 'support resource pool' so units can get some backup coverage if
the local support network is away on sick/annual leave.
- Discuss current campus issues regarding support/strategic plan/ and think
about/develop methods of providing input to the strategic plan and IT.
- Prioritize current concerns/issues and invite response from CIT to develop
collaborative solutions.
Add agenda items here:



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